how to add the subdivided column menu in woocommerce

How to add the subdivided column menu in WooCommerce?


When consumers are perusing your store, adding a split column menu in WooCommerce may provide them with more alternatives. In addition to making it simpler for customers to identify items and categories, subdivided columns may help you arrange your store more effectively. Additionally, using a divided column menu might accelerate the checkout process. If you want to know how to add the subdivided column menu in WooCommerce, this complete guide is for you. 


How does WooCommerce’s subdivided column menu operate? 

You must first create a new custom post type in WooCommerce before you can add a subdivided column menu. The subdivided Column Menu should be typed into the Custom Post Type area. 

Next, create a new row for your menu in the Posts meta box. “Menu Item Title” should be chosen from the Field dropdown list. Choose “Post Date” from the Ordering dropdown list. Pick “Date Published” by selecting the arrow next to “Sort By.” 

You must now specify your columns. To accomplish this, pick Name, Description, and Image as your three columns by clicking on the + symbol next to “Columns.” Set the following properties for each column: 



Your column’s name is as follows. 



The sentence that summarizes the information in your column should go here. Image: 

The Save Changes button is located at the meta box bottom. 

Users will now see Name and Description fields for each title when viewing your menu item titles in alphabetical order (by date). Additionally, each title will be accompanied by a picture.


Who will gain from the addition of a divided column menu in WooCommerce? 

A subdivided column menu may help anyone who wants to make their WooCommerce shop more organized and user-friendly. This menu style makes it simpler for customers to locate what they’re looking for by displaying more goods at once. Users can filter their results by category or price range using the menu. Last but not least, this function makes it simple for clients to browse your company’s catalogues and check out fast and effortlessly. 



how to add the subdivided column menu in woocommerce



When should I create a WooCommerce split column menu? 

It is usually easiest to add a subdivided column menu in WooCommerce after the first store setup or after making layout changes. You can make sure that all of your columns are structured and arranged correctly in this way. Before making any extra adjustments, checking WooCommerce’s pre-built column choices might also be useful. 


Where can I learn more about adding a divided column menu to WooCommerce? 

Creating a subdivided column menu in WooCommerce can vary according to your unique configuration and preferences. Thus there is no one conclusive answer to this subject. However, some basic recommendations could be helpful, such as looking for lessons or articles online, speaking with a WooCommerce specialist, or utilizing a plugin like Columns.js. 

Complete guide about how to add the subdivided column menu in WooCommerce? 

In WooCommerce, there are two ways to install a subdivided column menu. Using a plugin is the first option, and manually adding the code is the second. 


 Utilizing a plugin: 

You may add a split column menu to WooCommerce using a variety of plugins. The “WooCommerce Product Table” plugin is one of the most well-liked. 

Log onto your WordPress site and visit the Plugins tab to install the plugin. Search for “WooCommerce product table” after clicking “Add New.” Activate and install the plugin. 

Go to WooCommerce Settings Products Product Tables after activating the plugin. The “Columns” section should be filled in with the number of columns you wish to divide the products table into. 

Save your edits. The number of columns you chose will now be broken into sections inside your WooCommerce products table.

Your code addition: 

You may manually add the code if you don’t want to utilize a plugin. To start, you must include a filter in the WooCommerce products table. To accomplish this, modify the functions’ file for your theme and insert the following code: 

add_filter( ‘wc_product_table_columns’, ‘my_product_table_columns’ ); function my_product_table_columns( $columns ) { 

$new_columns = array(); 

foreach ( $columns as $column => $label ) { 

if ( $column == ‘price’ ) { 

$new_columns[‘price’] = $label; 

$new_columns[‘sale_price’] = __( ‘Sale Price’, ‘woo-commerce’ ); 

} else { 

$new_columns[$column] = $label; 

return $new_columns; 

This code will add a new “Sale Price” column to your WooCommerce products table. 

Next, you’ll need to add some CSS to style the new column. Add the following CSS to your theme’s stylesheet: 

table.wc-product-table th.sale_price, 

table.wc-product-table td.sale_price { 

width: 10%; 


How can one add a subdivided column menu to the WooCommerce Schedule 11? 

You must first build a new custom post type in WooCommerce before you can add a subdivided column menu to the site. You must then add a new taxonomy named “Subdivided

Columns” after creating the post type. The last step is to add the following code to the functions file of your theme: 

add_action(‘woocommerce_init’, ‘subdividedcolumnmenu’); function 

subdividedcolumnmenu() { $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘custom-post-type’, ‘taxonomy’ => ‘Subdivided Columns’, ); register_taxonomy(__(‘Subdivided Columns’), $args); 

After adding the code mentioned above, you can show your menu by calling the woocommerce subdividedcolumnmenu() method. 



 Last Words: 

It is commonly known that the proportion of successful purchases is inversely related to the number of steps the user must take to complete the transaction. You should consider including the Products or Products Categories in your WordPress Mega Menu to enhance your sales. 

Even though something as basic as columns could appear like the most uninteresting and, let’s face it, a dull component of any website, it isn’t. Columns may be the most crucial element in organizing your information into a unified whole. Without them, it would be far more difficult to arrange all the other website components—such as buttons, photos, shortcodes, and widgets—into coherent and, most importantly, visually beautiful compositions. Therefore, we have demonstrated how to add the subdivided column menu in WooCommerce. For more useful tips for your site improvement, you can read our further articles on unique and trendy topics.


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