thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas

11 unique ways to Level up your thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas 


Real estate knowledgeable investors have an altogether new marketing opportunity every year due to Thanksgiving. At the very least, the holiday enables businesspeople in the real estate sector to meet new people in a pleasant environment. Regardless of how investors feel about Thanksgiving, it is crucial to step up marketing activities this season. In this article, we’ll discuss innovative approaches to thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas. 


Why do you need innovative strategies for Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas? 

You don’t have to employ the same methods as everyone else. This time of year might give investors a reason to have fun contacting leads if they employ a little imagination. To make the most of the fall season, try coming up with some original Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas or pick a couple from my book. 

On Thanksgiving, people express gratitude for the blessings and accomplishments in their lives. This day is often filled with festivities, dining, sporting events, charitable giving, and much more. Most real estate brokers will take time off over this holiday season as families and friends celebrate. But this is an extraordinary moment for real estate brokers to experiment with cutting-edge real estate marketing strategies. Whatever your opinions on Thanksgiving, it’s a crucial time of year to increase your marketing efforts. 

If you have a little creativity, you may enhance your real estate lead generation while having fun by using inventive Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas. You don’t have to employ the same marketing techniques everyone else does! 


 Proven thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas for 2022: 

Here are a few thanksgiving marketing strategies for the real estate sector. You can employ most of them to get maximum benefits. 


  1. Making a Gift of Real Estate: 

One of the best presents one can give is housing and real estate. Mom may get a brand-new condo, your kids might get an income-producing investment property, and your husband might get a beach house. If you’re going to participate in the November buying frenzy, at least buy and give something with true, lasting worth. Make a splash with themed marketing and take advantage of the increase in internet buyers. Promoting your gift on a variety of platforms can help to improve the reputation of your company.


  1. Thanking upcoming customers: 

Want to advertise your real estate uniquely? Consider expressing your gratitude to potential customers in advance. Send a Thanksgiving card and a gift card to Home Depot for the house they plan to purchase from you. 


  1. Declare Your “Giving-Back” Strategy: 

Consider donating a portion of each sale you close in November or $1,000 for each new lease-purchase agreement you sign. You want to offer, and this can make your present bigger. 


  1. Host a Dinner at One of Your Properties:

Everyone may have already eaten their fill of turkey somewhere, but nothing brings people together like a good meal. Why not has a barbecue at one of your for-sale properties? Increase the visibility of your properties while expanding your local network. 


  1. Thanking existing customers: 

Getting new customers costs money. However, few real estate professionals or companies are adept at following up. The chance to alter that is now. How about sending a short thank you and gift card to previous customers instead of investing a few hundred dollars in getting someone new? This may be a little Home Depot gift card and a kind reminder that you’re available to assist. 



thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas




  1. Provide Free Rent: 

Consider giving your dependable, long-term tenants a month’s rent in appreciation. An asset you should attempt to preserve is a dependable and decent renter who has been living there for a few years, requires very little maintenance, and takes excellent care of your home. 

Why can we relieve them of their worry around the holidays by providing them with a month’s rent in December or January? Given that many tenants may struggle to pay their rent on time during the holidays, you can also consider this a present to yourself. If you think that’s too expensive, how about a 10% discount? 


  1. Post content from Thanksgiving on social media: 

Make a social media account immediately if you haven’t already, and distribute information about Thanksgiving to your customers and potential customers now! One of the finest methods for real estate brokers to meet new individuals and keep in touch with past clients has been through social media. People are more inclined to appreciate you and your business if you demonstrate that you’re not just all business and also take part in the holiday spirit.


  1. Write Blog about Thanksgiving: 

It’s not required that Thanksgiving-related content is about real estate to be useful. You may advise how to make your house smell festive or delicious Thanksgiving dinner recipes for the family. Thanksgiving feasts don’t have to be a thing of the past just because large family gatherings aren’t feasible right now. Maybe give your clients some home improvement recommendations they may use or advice on where to look for your ideal house before the year is up. 


  1. Start a Competition: 

Your connections with others will also be stronger the more you can do to strengthen theirs. Why not hold a contest where the winner may win a trip to your location for a Christmas family reunion? Locals can fly their relatives over if they think they would wish to buy from you. Alternatively, you might provide a discount on one of your rentals in exchange for hosting a family reunion and visiting relatives. 


  1. Host A Lunch With Catering: 

Provide local employees with a catered Thanksgiving lunch at your workplace. Bring them in, tell them about your company, and establish relationships. This is a terrific approach to increase the number of new contacts you develop, directly related to your success in real estate. 


  1. Set up A Crowdfunding Campaign: 

Start a Crowdfunding campaign on Giving Tuesday to raise money for a neighbourhood concern. There are several methods to make this real estate-related, such as constructing a cheap house, repurposing an abandoned structure as a park or short-term housing, or remodelling an assisted care facility. 


 Last words: 

Only occurring once a year, Thanksgiving real estate marketing initiatives are a fantastic method to connect with both current and potential clients. Increased brand recognition and positive public perception of your business are achievable with the right strategies; these two factors significantly aid in facilitating future real estate transactions. This year, improve your marketing efforts by implementing some Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas.


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