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The Paul McComas Real Estate Website; All Things That You Need to Know


Paul McCommas, a well-known real estate wholesaling firm owner and business consultant, is thrilled to announce the start of the Hands-on Mentorship programme. The mentoring programme promises to provide thorough advice on starting and effectively growing a real estate wholesaling firm for ambitious business owners. In this article, we’ll review what we have learned from the paul Mccomas real estate website. 

The course is offered on Real Estate Empire Builders, Paul’s official online platform.

Paul said in an exclusive interview that he had increased the course using the same tactics he used to succeed in the real estate wholesaling industry.


 What’s paul’s review about his course: 

“We are delighted to share that we have recently launched our new advanced Hands-On Mentorship Program. The software is jam-packed with materials on everything there is to know about the real estate wholesale industry, which is constantly updated. Anyone may start a real estate wholesale business, but the most crucial requirements are the correct knowledge and the best expansion methods. Our hands-on mentoring programme was thoughtfully created to provide you with all the tools, tactics, strategies, and advice you need to get your business off the ground and take it to the next level for exponential development said, Paul.

Paul gave the participants of their Hands-on Mentorship Program full access to support. The course provides simple access to knowledgeable trainers who are accessible to respond to inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. All course instructors have a wealth of experience building their prosperous wholesale businesses.

Paul’s new Hands-on Mentorship Program includes training on managing a successful wholesaling business without investing a dollar in marketing, which is one of its main selling points. You can get all the details on the Paul Mccomas real estate website. 



The Key point of establishing a real estate website: the paul Mccomas real estate website. 

This article will serve as a guide during the process. It will provide detailed instructions on building a real estate website with the paul Mccomas real estate website step by step.


Choose a Domain

When selecting a domain name, you should think about your business model and the types of properties you plan to display on your site. Include keywords about your business in your domain name; your website will be easier to find in relevant web searches. This will boost your site’s SEO and help you attract more visitors.

Your domain name, which consumers may use to discover your business online, is an essential component of your real estate website. Additionally, it significantly enhances lead creation and brings in more potential customers to your website.

Your real estate website might attract more visitors and rank higher on search engines if it has the correct domain name. Additionally, it reflects your organization and gives it credibility, increasing the likelihood that clients would believe in the goods and services you offer. Purchasing a domain name simplifies migration, allowing you to swap hosts or make other changes without affecting your SEO or ranking.



the paul Mccomas real estate website




WordPress Account

Use premium software for WordPress. Thus you’ll need a WordPress account to use it. It costs nothing to start up. Go to, click “Get Started,” and then adhere to the instructions. Alternatively, you may tell us the email address you want to use, and we’ll set up your WordPress account.


Select a theme

The most crucial is the WordPress themes. However, we’ve also created views compatible with some of the most powerful WordPress themes on the market. With a coordinated selection of colours, fonts, and backgrounds, themes enable you to design documents that seem professional. Additionally, you are not restricted to the options provided by Microsoft’s designers; you may create your designs or combine colours and fonts from several themes.

A template has to be made once. If you use that template in the future, formatting your paper won’t take long because it’s already been done. By eliminating the time-consuming process of document generation, templates allow you to concentrate on the value of your content.


 Listing goods

Your items will be issued in your billing area as soon as you finish your transaction. Each product should be downloaded to your computer (it will be a zip file) and saved. Then sign into your WordPress admin account, and click “Add New” when you see the plugins menu. To upload the file to WordPress, click “Upload Plugin” and locate it on your computer. When the upload is finished, you will see the message “Plugin Installed Successfully.”

WordPress categories should be used wisely. Similar to tags, categories assist you in grouping related content. Additionally, they give readers hints about article content and make it simple for site users to locate relevant postings on related subjects.


Combine MLS Listings

You must buy and install MLS Add-on to include MLS listings on your website. Then it would help if you went to your WordPress admin’s MLS Add-on menu. Enter the server details for your RETS feed by clicking the “+” symbol. The next steps are field mapping and setting queries to fetch properties for your site. Once finished, click “Import” and “Start” to launch the first import.


Set Up Your Website

You may start customizing and utilizing your site after your items have been loaded, and your MLS listings have been merged. Although we will upload your logo as a complimentary service, there is much more you can do to personalize your site. You may start a blog.

Utilize the feature-rich plugin Yoast or Rankmath to view what Google sees. You can rapidly determine if your posts have a high readability rating, your photos are appropriately tagged, and your keyword placement adheres to best practices since it delivers instant analytic feedback on your material. It also previews your SERP appearance and shows whether your emphasis keyword appears in the page’s title, content, or meta description. These are all the things that are part of the Paul Mccomas real estate website and videos. 



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